Passion backed by data

Our company goal has always been to create and bring fun content to the world. However, we also understand the importance of proper execution and delivery. Our philosophy has always been and always will be to marry our passion and our ability to analyze data so that we can make the most informed decisions. At the core of our desire to create fun content is years of domestic and global market research that we have performed ourselves. For this reason alone, every step of the decision making process is made in-house and confirmed through thorough pre-market testing, a high focus on ROAS optimization, and our ability for user acquisition and retention. We truly believe that by creating all of our content and then selling it ourselves; we have an in-depth understanding of every step of the game making process. As a result, we feel that each game we make gets closer to perfection and ultimately more fun for our users. This is the basis and foundation of our company. As the company moves into the future, we have begun to apply this way of thinking to other interesting business venture opportunities within ZigZa.

A word from our CEO

By 2025, my vision is for ZigZaGame to be a globally known as a borderless entertainment company. With our sights set on bringing ""FUN"" to the world; we plan to do this through a combination of promote our own content globally as well as helping other companies by utilizing our marketing strategies to promote their content abroad. Starting with our users and expanding to our partners, our highly skilled team will take the responsibility of bringing ""FUN"" content for the years to come.

ZigZaGame Inc. CEO Lars Kelley

Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Name ZigZaGame Inc.
Official Location NT Building 11F, 1-47-1 Oi Shinagawa
  Tokyo 140-0014, Japan.
Subsidiary ZigZa Inc. (Seattle, WA)
Representative Lars Kelley
Founded 2008/7/17
Employees 40
Divisions Gaming Division
Marketing Division
Publishing Division
Investment Division
Partners NTT Resonant Inc.
NTT Solmare Inc.
Apple Inc. Google Inc.


NT Building 11F, 1-47-1 Oi Shinagawa Tokyo
140-0014, Japan.
【Nearest Station】
5 minute walk from Oimachi Station

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