Our ZigZaGame family

Our team is comprised of very passionate highly motivated people from all over the globe poised to make an impact on the world. In this section hear unfiltered voices of some of our employees. As a truly borderless company with so much potential in each employee, we all come together and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Never settling for producing anything less than FUN. That's what being a professional means to me here.

Producer Shiina Kamenosono

" Fun or None"

Even prior to joining ZigZaGame I have been building my career as a game producer. I feel that Gaming is synonymous with Entertainment which also should be synonymous with "FUN". When I produce a game, if my team or I don't feel like it is "FUN" I strongly believe that it shouldn't be published. Having said that, my ultimate goal is to make content that is enjoyable for as large of a population as possible. So every step of the game production phase we will revisit how to achieve this.

We discuss intensely because we are passionate

I still remember the first team discussion about the game project plan that I was a part after joining. It didn't matter whether you were a manager, senior manager or even an intern. All opinions were considered and the decision was made only after everyone agreed on the "best" solution. The energy in that meeting was amazing!

A truly global company without borders

There is no such thing as language being a barrier

ZigZaGame is a Japanese company but employees people of many different backgrounds so our corporate culture is much more similar to a global company than a domestic Japanese company. Most employees can speak both English and Japanese but there are definitely employees that only speak Japanese or only speak English, yet we never let language be a reason to include or not include in a meeting.

A work life balance

The company expects and holds a very high standard in regards to the level of work produced by its employees. However, it will never be at the expense of a healthy work life balance. The company truly feels that to be productive at work your work can't be all of your life.

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