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Our team is comprised of very passionate highly motivated people from all over the globe poised to make an impact on the world. In this section hear unfiltered voices of some of our employees. As a truly borderless company with so much potential in each employee, we all come together and treat each other with respect and dignity.

ZigZaGame is a place where people from all over the world come together to work towards a common goal.

Senior Marketing Manager Erin Connan

A true global melting pot of talented individuals

I have always had a strong interest towards Japan and had made up my mind early on that after graduating college, I would find a job here. My path with ZigZaGame started a few years after working in Japan. ZigZaGame offers me an environment that enables me to challenge myself and grow. Although they have high expectations I also feel guided towards a path of growth.

Truely a company without borders

Working with colleagues from so many different backgrounds allows me to understand and learn cultural differences of different parts of the world. From the help of my colleagues we are able to effectively understand and identify how to properly target in the many different countries we market to. Our team synergy is something I enjoy very much about the job.

My work right now is to spread the things I love across the world

Seeking out Japanese media in London

In my experience growing up in London, you need to really seek out Japanese media on your own if you want to experience it at all. Ideally, Japanese media would be easy to find for everyone, but there's almost no marketing for overseas fans, and I had to look for it myself online. That's the reality of Japan's media export practices right now, I think, and I'm sure that anyone living overseas who has an interest in Japanese media knows that feeling very well. There are countless fans out there looking for this fun and unique content, and the current marketing just isn't reaching them.

I'm bringing Japan's media to the world

I think there are two necessary components to success in marketing. The first is comprehensive and thorough testing and data analysis. The second is always working to make those tests more accurate. Basically, you want to test as many good ideas as you can, and for that you need strong data collection and analysis to see where your products are selling in the global market, where they're popular, and why. At ZigZaGame, that data analysis is one of our core company principles. Our team members come from many different cultural backgrounds, and with that data and our unique perspectives, we're working every day to bring the unique appeal of Japanese media to fans around the world.

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