Our ZigZaGame family

Our team is comprised of very passionate highly motivated people from all over the globe poised to make an impact on the world. In this section hear unfiltered voices of some of our employees. As a truly borderless company with so much potential in each employee, we all come together and treat each other with respect and dignity.

ZigZaGame- A place where people from all over the world come together to work towards a common goal

Senior Marketing Manager Erin Connan

A true global melting pot of talented individuals

I have always had a strong interest towards Japan and had made up my mind early on that after graduating college, I would find a job here. My path with ZigZaGame started a few years after working in Japan. ZigZaGame offers me an environment that enables me to challenge myself and grow. Although they have high expectations I also feel guided towards a path of growth.

Truely a company without borders

Working with colleagues from so many different backgrounds allows me to understand and learn cultural differences of different parts of the world. From the help of my colleagues we are able to effectively understand and identify how to properly target in the many different countries we market to. Our team synergy is something I enjoy very much about the job.

I am a perfectionist at heart that constantly challenges myself to outshine the me of tomorrow

The history of my marketing background or lack thereof

Although I have always been comfortable with numbers, prior to working with ZigZaGame I had no actual marketing experience. When I joined, my manager took the time to meticulously show me everything from running artist campaigns, to calculating and analyzing ROAS numbers. Fast forward to now, I am now running the Marketing division which is one of our core businesses of our company.

When you stop challenging yourself you stop growing

In under a year after joining the company I currently run the marketing division and am responsible for running the marketing efforts for all internal projects, external client campaigns and new business market research efforts. With new marketing projects always on the horizon I am excited to see how much I can continue to grow.

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