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Our company was founded in 2008 and since the beginning, we have always carried out our Game Planning, Game Development, Live Operations, and Marketing in-house. With our most recent title "Neomonsters" leading the way, we have been lucky enough to have reached the #1 selling position in the RPG category in over 100 countries. Utilizing the experience and knowledge from our own games, we have started to partner with other gaming companies to bring their content around the globe. In the future, we hope to bring not only gaming content but a plethora of other media to the world.

Game Development

Game Division

While our goal is to bring "Fun" to the world, we understand that what one person may find fun may not apply to everybody. Hence, for us to be able to deliver "Fun" to everybody in the world, we develop many different games of many different genres. With RPG games at the forefront, we are currently expanding and delving into the realms of Otome and Bishoujo games. But no matter the genre, our desire to bring high quality games worldwide will always be our aim.

Latest Release

Over 1000 monsters to Catch, Evolve, and Combine! Master them all as you battle through the different worlds in this open-world RPG! Ranked the #1 RPG in over 120 countries, dont be left behind! Your journey starts as you inherit the ranch of your deceased uncle. Catch, train and evolve your monsters as they compete through the monster league! The succcessor title to Dragon Island BLUE and Hunter Island!
*Move around freely in the expansive "World Map"
*Catch monsters and evolve your mosters through the "Evolve System"
*Easy to understand gameplay, yet packed to the brim with strategy
*Earn your fame and glory as you win through the "Monster League"

Overseas Global Distribution Business

Publishing Division

Drawing upon our experience of publishing and running live operations of multiple titles in over 100 countries, our publishing division works closely with other gaming companies to publish their titles abroad. They perfectly embody our mission to bring tons of "FUN" content to the world!
[Publishing services provided]
*Cover all global user acquisition and localization costs
*Handle and assist in all global marketing campaigns, as well as provide realtime translations of additional content
*Provide Customer support to all global users
*All services provided with high focus on strong KPI statistics

Marketing Division

Utilizing our research and data that we have collected over the years, our marketing division assists other companies with their domestic and global marketing distribution strategies. This division has been able to successfully obtain over 4 million users globally, thanks in part due to our very global team of people who have lived abroad. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand and respect Japanese culture, but are able to draw from personal experience when targeting specific and broad markets, both foreign and domestic.

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